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That was interesting. For the last several months this blog has been about useless because of the “Redirect Loop” error that would show up when a user would attempt to view a posting. For a problem that seemed like it should be simple to correct, it was not. Many updates of WordPress, installs, reinstalls, following every forum post and trick I came across didn’t help solve this problem.

Everything I read about this seemed to point to an issue with the Permalinks, and in the end this was true. What wasn’t clear was how to fix them and how I created the problem in the first place. I tried again to fix this problem and started looking more closely at everything and eventually figured it out.

My troubles came when I decided to change the permalinks layout from the default to something different after a few posts already existed. This started the problems. What fixed it was going back through all the posts and doing an update which corrected the permalink for the post.

There might be an plugin to help solve this, but in my case I only had a few posts to look at them all.

So hopefully now that the blog is again working I will be more encouraged to post again.

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